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It’s amazing how big Velma’s tits have grown since the last meeting! She’s not that shy teen girl anymore, exposing her amazing knockers with big and round pink nipples. She doesn’t seem quite excited though, because her secret is really simple. She’s got pregnant, and her enlarged boobs just indicate that she’s ready for lactation! Despite the fact that she has a big belly, Velma feels an overbearing desire to get laid, that’s why she’s showing her big tight tits, pulling up the sweater.

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Overexcited Velma is ready to play any filthy game Shaggy can invent to get hardcore sex, and today she’s a submissive dog, barking and peeing on bushes around. Dog wears no clothes, that’s why Velma’s tits with long hardened nipples are bouncing freely, when she’s jogging around. Tight collar hugs her neck and it’s the only clothes except socks, left on her body. Shaggy holds the leash, driving lustful Velma with her tongue hanging out into the private place for some wild doggy sex!

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